Friday, December 19, 2014

3rd Week of Advent {pretty, funny, happy, real}

Like Mother, Like Daughter is one of my favorite blogs. When I want to read something inspiring and see something beautiful, I head over there to browse the new posts and re-read the archived ones. Leila and family are amazing folk. Every Thursday they host a round up of posts based on the theme, "pretty, funny, happy, real." So here is my post for the third week of Advent.

1. Pretty
Does a house ever look better than when it is decorated for Christmas? 

Our piano is in the kitchen.
The little tree over the piano is so cute. I set out all of our Christmas sheet music to encourage caroling, and other festive activity. You can only hear "Dyin' Ain't So Bad" and "What I Did For Love" so many times before you need a little change from Broadway ballads.

Yes, the tree is blocking the doorway.
There are two entrances, and it's okay for a few weeks.
Our Noble Fir in the living room looks nice, if I do say so myself.

2. Funny

I finally found a use for the last piece of Justin Bieber Christmas wrapping paper.

Occasionally, I block off the windows of the office doors so I can wrap presents in secret.
Christmas cards are coming in a slow trickle. For a while, business cards were outpacing personal cards, but I have about 12 or 15 altogether now. Trying to get my own cards out today...!

3. Happy

That's my #1 girl in green.
Caroling party at our house. It turned out that the retirement home was already booked, so they caroled in the neighborhood. One of my favorite things!

Joy to the Gnomes!
Happy spots in the front garden, even though almost everything is asleep for the winter.

The saffron bulbs have finally sprouted!
They went in the ground a year ago with nothing to show for it til this month.
They must be biennial.
4. Real

My oldest kiddo (yes, the one that went out caroling) is sick. We'll have to cancel weekend plans and hopefully exchange some tickets for other days during winter break.

Thanks for visiting! Check back this evening for my post on this Ember Friday in Advent.


  1. I love all the carols laid out on the piano...I do the same thing with Christmas music books for violin...just keep them on the stand and every once in a while I hear one of my girls playing one on violin.

    1. Most of our Christmas sheet music is too juvenile for my daughter now, but I have many fond memories of playing through my mother's childhood songbooks. I guess I will have to pack them away until I have grandchildren some day! Thanks for stopping by the blog. :)