Sunday, February 15, 2015

6th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Goodbye, green.
Goodbye, gloria.
Farewell, alleluia.
Hello, Lent.

It was a bright, warm, and sunny morning in the Pacific Northwest. A few fruit trees in the neighborhood have even started blossoming. What a strange early spring.

As we were all singing the Gloria for the last Sunday of this season of Ordinary Time this morning, I felt as if we were packing away the rest of the winter decorations. Ash Wednesday is coming!

Lenten roses I saw recently, growing near white flowering kale, at the Chihuly glass garden.


  1. I've enjoyed looking through your blog a bit. :) I came here looking up pascha bread??? I'm in Oregon. Hello, there! -Faith (commenting from my sweet daughter's blog)

  2. Hi Faith, how did you know what I was baking today? :) The Russian Easter bread recipe that I make at Easter is called Kulich. The Easter cheese dish that accompanies it is called Paskha. There are several variations on this name that are breads that are made at Easter: pasha, pascha, paska, etc. The Russians use Pascha (Easter) for the sweet cheese though. I've got mine in the fridge now and the kulich (cake) is cooling. I'll get some pics up in a bit. The recipe I use came from A Continual Feast, the liturgical year cookbook by Evelyn Birge Vitz. The author has a blog (that hasn't been updated for a few years) here:

  3. Here is a link to Evelyn's tall kulich Easter bread:
    You bake it in a coffee can. Since I make a gluten-free version, mine never rises so tall, and I'm jealous. :)